Below are the current list of Birmingham Perl Mongers, who have been brave enough to have some of the details available on the site. Most of us are at each meeting, so hopefully you'll recognise at least one of us, if you want to come and join us. We're a friendly bunch, and always willing to meet new Perl Mongers.

If you wish to include your details, send a brief bio of yourself and photo to See examples of the bios below for an idea of what to include.

Level:Board Member
Job:Keeper of Gems

I've been programming since the age of 9 (1976), semi-professionally since the age of 16. I am a second generation programmer, my mother having worked as a programmer at Ferranti in West Gorton in the 50s.

My first programming experience was on the Texas Instuments 58 calculator and then progressed to the Commodore PET. My family had one of the first PETs in the UK - we actually imported it from the US. I then progressed via the Apple to the BBC micro programming mostly in BASIC and 6502 assembler.

I have, somewhat unusually, worked in the same job since graduating University in 1985 and usually give my job title as "Analyst/Programmer" (or if I'm feeling important "Senior Software Engineer"). I work at the Wolfson Computer Laboratory in Birmingham which is most easily described a small medical informatics R&D group. WCL was originally part of the National Health Service, then for more than an decade was part of the School of Medicine at The University of Birmingham and is now back in the NHS as part of University Hospital Birmingham IT services.

Until recently most of my professional programming has been in M and Delphi but now I'm glad to say it's mostly Perl with occasional forays into JavaScript and XSLT.

I have been a frequent contributor to the comp.lang.perl.* newsgroups since 2000 (infreqent since 1998). I went to my first YAPC (YAPC::Europe::2003) as a non-perlmonger and there I ran into Barbie who persuaded me to become a member of I have also published a few modules on CPAN.