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13/01/2008 linux Jon Mitchell Linux System Programming O'Reilly Media
10/11/2007 perl Brian McCauley Mastering Perl O'Reilly Media
01/10/2007 graphic Jon Allen GIMP 2 for Photographers O'Reilly Media
23/03/2007 perl Andrew Ford Minimal Perl Manning
10/04/2006 perl Jon Allen Wicked Cool Perl Scripts O'Reilly Media
01/12/2004 linux Chris Marsh Red Hat Linux 9 Unleashed Sams
01/11/2004 other Jon Brookes IRC Hacks - 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools O'Reilly Media
01/10/2004 other Barbie eBay Hacks - 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools O'Reilly Media
21/05/2004 other Bob Wilkinson Exploiting Software - How To Break Code New Riders
17/05/2004 other Simon Wright Mac OS X Unleashed, 2nd Edition Sams
12/05/2004 perl Brian McCauley Perl Developer's Dictonary Sams
04/05/2004 other Mark Songhurst Network Security with OpenSSL O'Reilly Media
02/05/2004 other Richard Dawe Jabber Developer's Handbook Sams
29/04/2004 other Mark Songhurst 802.11 Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide O'Reilly Media
01/04/2004 perl John Preece Perl & XML O'Reilly Media
15/03/2004 perl Barbie Perl Debugger (Pocket Reference) O'Reilly Media
14/03/2004 perl Jon Allen Secure Coding: Principles & Practices O'Reilly Media
13/03/2004 perl Barbie Perl Template Toolkit O'Reilly Media
15/02/2004 perl Steve Pitchford mod_perl Developers Cookbook Sams
01/02/2004 linux Richard Dawe Linux Kernel Development Sams
03/11/2003 linux Jon Brookes Linux Security Cookbook O'Reilly Media
01/11/2003 perl Barbie Learning Perl Objects, References & Modules O'Reilly Media
02/10/2003 perl Jon Allen Games, Diversions & Perl Culture O'Reilly Media
01/10/2003 perl Jon Brookes Practical mod_perl O'Reilly Media
01/10/2003 network Barbie DNS and BIND (4th Edition) O'Reilly Media
01/10/2003 product Barbie Running weblogs With Slash (1E) O'Reilly Media
07/05/2003 perl Kevin Taylor Web, Graphics and Perl/Tk O'Reilly Media
06/01/2003 perl Kevin Taylor Computer Science and Perl Programming O'Reilly Media
01/01/2003 perl Jon Allen Modern Perl Programming Prentice Hall
01/01/2003 perl Jon Allen MySQL and Perl for the Web New Riders
01/01/2003 perl Barbie Perl and LWP O'Reilly Media
01/01/2003 perl Kevin Taylor The Perl CD Bookshelf (3rd Edition) O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 perl Barbie CGI Programming with Perl (2nd Edition) O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 perl Jon Allen Core Perl Prentice Hall
01/01/2002 perl Barbie Graphics Programming with Perl Manning
01/01/2002 perl Mike Lacey Mastering Perl/Tk O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 perl John Preece Mastering Regular Expressions (2nd Edition) O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 perl Barbie Perl Debugged Addison Wesley
01/01/2002 perl Kevin Taylor Perl in a Nutshell (2nd Edition) O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 perl Steve Pitchford Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 linux Steve Pitchford Learning Red Hat Linux O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 xml Barbie XML In A Nutshell (2nd Edition) O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 xml Steve Pitchford XSL-FO (Making XML look good in print) O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 xml Steve Pitchford XSLT (Mastering XML Transformations) O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 database Steve Pitchford Teach yourself MySQL in 21 days Sams
01/01/2002 graphic Barbie GIMP Pocket Reference O'Reilly Media
01/01/2002 graphic Jon Allen The Secret History of Ancient Egypt Electricity Judy Piatkus
01/01/2002 other Jon Brookes Learning UML O'Reilly Media
01/01/2001 perl Barbie The Little Black Perl Book Coriolis
01/01/2001 perl Barbie The Perl CD Bookshelf O'Reilly Media
01/01/2001 network Barbie Web Security and Commerce O'Reilly Media