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Wanted: Technical Talks
Posted by on 14/12/2006

Would you like to present a talk about Perl, Linux, Open Source or any subject that you think might be of interest to our group? If yes, send an email to the address listed below, together with a title, outline and the time lenght of your talk. Subjects can be about your pet project, your favourite module, some cool programming technique or application you've learned or just about anything. Introductory talks are always welcome, but even expert level talks will still go down well, and if they feature Perl, so much the better. Talks are usually between 5 and 60 minutes, although if it's a really special talk then we'll set aside the whole night for you :)

Following a fantastic year of talks and guest speakers, we're hoping we can continue on with this throughout 2007. If you have a specific date in mind, please let us know. For special guest speakers we may arrange to hold technical events on a different to suite the travelling speaker. We have several speakers already planned for future meetings, but we are always eager to fill more slots on the schedules, so please get in touch.

We are particularly keen to invite guest speakers along to meetings, and are a willing test audience for any talks and presentations that you may be planning to present at forthcoming conferences, workshops or seminars, such as the OSCON or YAPC::Europe conferences, so whether you're visiting Birmingham or can be persuade to join us for an evening out, please get in touch. We'd be delight to have you along and present.

Submit talk proposals to: talks [at]