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Planning Meeting
Posted by on 09/05/2006

For the next few months our planning meetings will happen alongside the social meetings. The reason being that some of the tasks involved could do with a little help from the whole group, plus it gives us a chance to sanity check our progress.

As such the next planning/social meeting will be on Wednesday 10th May at The Old Joint Stock. We'll start as soon as most people are there as close to 7pm as we can.

The agenda for the next meeting will be:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Insurance
  3. Venue Internet
  4. Sponsors & Advertisers
  5. Budget
  6. Conference Website
  7. Conference Wiki
  8. Talks & Scheduling
  9. Birmingham OpenGuide
  10. Merchandise
  11. AOB

Most of the points should be quick updates with outstanding work still to be done. For those who aren't part of the core team, it'll be a brief introduction to what is being planned and what areas you can help out with. Hopefully the planning side of the meeting won't be too long, and we can get on with the usual socialising fairly quickly. We can always discuss various aspects at length afterwards.

Whether you're interested in helping out, or just want to hear what's happening, feel free to come along and get involved.