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TPF & GSoC 2009 Needs You!
Posted by on 04/03/2009

Once again the time has come around for the Google Summer of Code 2009. This year The Perl Foundation, co-ordinated by Jonathan Leto, are again applying to be a mentor organisation. However, it cannot be a mentor organisation without projects, students and mentors.

If you are an eligble student, and would like to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2009, then read Jonathon Leto's blog post Applying to Google Summer Of Code 2009 with The Perl Foundation. Projects can be anything relating to Perl, whether that's wanting to work on Rakudo or Parrot projects, a CPAN module, your favorite Perl application, or even hacking on the Perl 5 internals. Everything will be considered. If you need some ideas, have a look at the previous suggestions for 2008.

It's also worth noting that the Google Summer of Code is not just for students, as The Perl Foundation are also looking for anyone willing to act as a mentor. As students can submit ideas for all sorts of projects, The Perl Foundation are looking for a wide variety of knowledge bases in mentors. You don't need to be a Rakudo, Parrot or Perl 5 internals hacker if the project is for a CPAN module or a Perl application you happen to use. So if you think you can offer some experience and guidance to a student for the Google Summer of Code, please consider completing the Mentor sign-up form (see also Jonathon's Mentor blog post).

You'll need to sign-up soon, as the deadlines are fast approaching.