Social Meetings

Socially we meet once a month on the second Wednesday of every month. Social meetings are very informal, occasionally a technical discussion arises, but the conversation generally veers back to music, beer and anything else we can think of at the time :)

Even if you haven't been involved in Perl for very long and just feel like you want to meet others, who might be a source of knowledge for the future, you are more than welcome. The Perl community is inclusive not exclusive, and like most of our adopted brethen we're a friendly bunch.

Next Social Meeting


Look out for Tux, a six inch tall stuffed penguin, and occasionally Amelia, a slightly larger camel. When I remember to bring them along, they can usually be found sitting at the table with us somewhere. Or you can always check the mugshots on the members page. Then again we shouldn't scare you off too soon ;^). If you need further directions email us or join the mailing list.

For any newcomers, and old hands for that matter, if you really get stuck, take a note of my mobile number (0771 401 6184) and give me a call if you can't find the pub ... or us :)

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Future Social Meetings

Social meetings are (usually) held on the second Wednesday of the month.

All dates may be subject to change, but are correct one week prior to any meeting.