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Becoming A Member of
Posted by Barbie on 7th January 2008

Now that Birmingham Perl Mongers have become a registered not-for-profit company, our membership policy has had to change. Prior to incorporation in 2006 anyone joining the mailing list or coming along to a meeting could consider themselves a member of the group. However, due to our incorporated status, we need to recognise membership in a more official capacity.

There are two official roles of membership, a Director (Board Member) and a Member. A Director is also a Member, but with additional responsibilities to ensure the correct running of the company and ensuring all company details are filed with the appropriate government departments in an appropriate timescale. All members have the reponsibility for ensuring that the company is run according to the company's Memorandum And Articles Of Association.

If you wish to become a paid-up member of Birmingham Perl Mongers, a fee is payable per annum; £25 for waged and £10 for unwaged. See one of the Directors at one of our meetings or read our Terms and Conditions of Membership for more details. The membership fee is used to help fund the group, such as paying for web hosting of the group website, paying for rooms (where necessary) to hold our technical meetings and paying for incidentals such as new bulbs or repairs to the company projector.

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