Below are the current list of Birmingham Perl Mongers, who have been brave enough to have some of the details available on the site. Most of us are at each meeting, so hopefully you'll recognise at least one of us, if you want to come and join us. We're a friendly bunch, and always willing to meet new Perl Mongers.

If you wish to include your details, send a brief bio of yourself and photo to See examples of the bios below for an idea of what to include.

Richard Dawe
Name:Richard Dawe
Job:Software Engineer
Links:my site

I started off programming on the BBC Micro, then a bit on the Spectrum, then moved onto various PC BASICs and since then I've been programming C, Perl and latterly C++ with gcc and other Unixy tools on Solaris, Linux and a couple of embedded platforms.

I've been programming (fairly suckily) in Perl for 11 years, mostly for small scripts to manage web pages or when I couldn't face shell scripting. In the last year I've been doing more serious things with it and my Perl has improved a lot.