Technical Meetings

The technical meetings are a monthly event, that aims to provide the Birmingham Perl community with an educational night of talks. If you wish to attend, please feel free to come along and listen in.

Talks Wanted: If you would like to do a talk, whether a 5 minute lightning talk, a 15 minutes talk or longer, please let us know and we'll add you to the schedule. If we are unable to add you to the schedule for the next meeting, we will give you priority at a future meeting.

Guest Speakers: Are you visiting Birmingham at some point in the future, and would be willing to give a talk? Or are you based outside of the West Midlands, but would be willing to make a trek over to see us and present a talk? If so, then I'd love to hear from you. Drop me an email with details of when you are in Birmingham and the talk you would like to present. I'll then arrange a schedule and confirm.

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26 September, 2007 - Technical Meeting
Time: 6.30pm onwards, talks at 8pm
Venue: The Victoria
Address: 48 John Bright Street, Birmingham, B1 1BN

A selection of talks regarding Perl and related subjects. Entry is free, and newcomers are welcome. See our meetings page for further details.

Note that food is served until 7.30pm, with a selection of main meals, hot/cold bagettes and sandwiches, starters and desserts. As there is more space, we'll probably eating and drinking first in the back bar. Talks start around 8pm in the upstairs function room.

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The Talks

Brian McCauley - A quick introduction to regular expressions


As the title suggests, a short introduction to the world of regular expressions.

Brian McCauley - The Perl m// s/// and qr// operators - an unconventional viewpoint


How to use your regular expression in your Perl code.

Brian McCauley - The Perl pattern match variables


A more detailed look at the variables used within pattern matching with regular expressions

Brian McCauley - Perl 5.10 Advanced Regular Expressions


An overview of the new features and optimisations in the perl 5.10 regular expression engine.

This covers pretty much all of the new regex features, named capture buffers, recursive patters, new backreference syntax, the new /p (preserve) regex modifier, the \K (keep pattern), the "branch reset patter". New optimisations like trie's and aho-corasick matching.

This talk also includes a discussion of using the regex debugger, using other regular expression engines, as well as some comparisons of how various things (such as recursive matching) can be done in versions before 5.10.

This talk was previously presented at YAPC::Europe 2007 by Yves Orton (demerphq)
Brian McCauley - WTF are Perl6 grammars? (lightning talk)


A quick look at what Perl6 grammars are.

* = Guest Speaker