Graphing with GD::Graph Jon Brookes


GD::Graph is not the only module that CPAN has to offer that can produce graphical output.

GD::Graph has been written about in past issues of 'The Perl Journal' and is a mature, stable and well documented module.

It was chosen by the author because of the above and that on first use, it was easy to get a working script in a few lines.

Although dynamic in nature, GD::Graph is easiest to implement where the data that is used to generate it's graph output is 'pre-set' by the application or Web Administrator.

One problem that web based graphical interfaces has to face is the ability to offer up dynamically re-configurable parameters to it's users.

CGI::Session offers one way to safely and efficiently enable more complex user interfaces to influence the range of data that is used by GD::Graph.

Once all of the production challenges of converting a what started as a 'quick script' into a 'production release' of re-usable, modular code that can do this have been met, the inclusion of CGI::Application into the build is a natural progression to make.

Bringing all of these together into a re-usable module of code is the objective of the last module – CGI::Application::GDGraph::lines which is an attempt at combining the functionality of the preceding modules into an 'application' that can be configured and re-used throughout a web based architecture.