Licencing issues

  1. It must be freeware. The software cannot be sold, but must be freely playable by anyone who wants it at no charge.
  2. The programmer(s) must take full responsibility for customer support, problems people have with it, etc.
  3. The adaptation must be faithful to the original. The programmer(s) must show us the work before it is released, and if we aren't happy with it, we may retract our permission.
  4. All documentation relating to the game must give us appropriate design credit, list our URL, and encourage sales of the tabletop edition of the game. The game should act as an advertisement to intrigue anyone who plays it about Looney Labs, our games, our website, etc.
  5. The name of the computer release must fully include the name of the physical game but also modify said name in some way so as to indicate that this is an adaptation of the original (for example, Javaquarius, MicroFluxx, eProton, etc).
  6. We must be allowed to offer the electronic version of the game on our website, as a module for download if not playable directly on our server.

This permission is not unlimited; we may at some point in the future wish to change these policies, if for example we decide a commercial release of some sort is desirable. In other words, we reserve the right to change our minds.