O'Neills Menu

Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street, Birmingham
Tel-0121 666 4951 Fax-0121 666 4952

Burgers  Wraps & Baguettes 
All served with a portion of chips & a salad garnish All served with a portion of chips & a salad garnish
Classic Burger£2.95 Sausage Baguette£3.75
O'Neills Burger£4.25 Steak Melt£4.95
Chilli Burger£4.50 Tuna Melt Baguette£3.75
Fully Loaded Burger£4.75 Chicken Bacon Club Baguette£3.95
Chicken, Cheese & Bacon Burger£4.25 Vegetarian Sausage Baguette£3.45
Veg Burger with Cheese & Mushroom£4.25 Cheese & Spring Onion Wrap£3.50
3 Fish Finger Burger£3.95 Flaked Salmon & Lemon Mayo Wrap£3.95
6 Fish Finger Burger£4.95 Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap£3.95

Mains  Jacket Potatoes 
All Day Breakfast£5.45 Cheese & Bacon£3.25
O'Neills Irish Breakfast£6.00 Beans£3.25
O'Neills Seafood Crock Pot£5.75 Beef Chilli£3.25
O'Neills Irish Stew Crock Pot£4.95 Tuna & Onion£3.25
O'Neills Own Pork & Guinness Sausages With Colcannon£5.25 3 Cheese & Spring Onion Mix£3.25
Vegetarian Sausages With Colcannons£5.25
Gammon & Eggs£5.45 Side Orders 
Chicken & Mushroom Pie£5.50 6 Chicken Wings And Dip£2.25
Steak & Guinness Pie£5.95 Colcannon£0.90
8oz Steak & Chips£6.75 Fries£1.75
Tempura Battered Cod & Chips£5.45 Onion Rings£1.75
   Garlic Bread or Garlic Bread Melt£1.75
4 Cheese Tortellini And Tomato Sauce£5.50 Side Salad£1.75
Flaked Salmon & Lemo Mayo Salad£5.25
Chicken & Bacon Salad£4.75 Chips 

Deserts  Cheese & Bacon£3.25
Apple Cookie Dough Pie£2.95 Cheese & Chilli£3.25
Chocolate Fudge Cake£2.95   
Vanilla Pod Ice Cream£2.50