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World Tour - Second Leg
Posted by on 06/08/2007

Due to holidays and conferences we decided to split the 2007 World Tour into 2 legs. The first leg saw us visiting several LUGs and the odd group of Perl Mongers, and great fun was had by all. Now I'm starting to think about planning dates for the latter half of the year. At the moment nothing is booked, so pretty much all dates are open. The only dates we try and avoid are those that clash with our own social and technical meetings.

So far Edinburgh PM/LUG, Nottingham PM/LUG, ThamesValley PM, Coventry LUG and Leicester LUG have all contacted me and we'll hopefully be arranging dates during September, October, November and early December. If your local PM or LUG would like us to visit you too, please get in touch with me, Barbie, with an idea of possible dates.

As we fund the trips ourselves and take holiday for longer jaunts, we can't always guarantee we'll be able to arrange a visit. However, a 2008 World Tour is planned, so we'll give preferential treatment to anyone we can't get to this year.