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Server Move
Posted by on 05/06/2007

If you're a frequent visitor to any of the Birmingham Perl Monger sites, you may be aware of the downtime we keep experiencing. The server provide by Positive Internet was an old server that they donated for our use. However, it's become increasingly unstable to the point of frustration, where I need to check it everyday.

Following the AGM in January, it was agreed we should look for other hosting options. A few were shortlisted, but Bytemark came up trumps by offering us a discount for being involved with Open Source software. So now we've started moving things over. The main site has moved, the YAPC::Europe::2006 site has now been rehosted by the YAPC Europe Foundation at

Next to move will be The Open Guide To Birmingham and The CPAN Testers Statistics sites. If you see any disruption in service, please bear with us for the next few weeks as we get everything moved over.