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BWT - Wolves LUG - 06/06/2007
Posted by on 04/06/2007 World Tour 2007 - Wolves LUG - 6th June 2007

The next date on the Birmingham Perl Mongers World Tour sees us visiting our friends over at Wolverhampton LUG. A kind of warm-up for the LUGRadio Live event next month, Barbie and JJ will be along to present a couple of talks that seem to have gone down very well with previous tour attendees. Talk schedule looks as follows:

  • Lightweight Ajax with OpenThought [JJ]
  • Selenium - An Introduction To Web Testing [Barbie]

Attendance is free, and will be held at Lincoln House Community Centre (WV10 0JB), which is just outside of the city centre. If arriving by train rather than crossing the ring road, it may be worth spending a couple of quid on a taxi. The event starts at 7.30pm.


Lincoln House Community Centre, Lincoln House, Tremont Street, Wolverhampton, WV10 0JB.



During the early part of last year Birmingham Perl Mongers took to the road to promote the 2006 YAPC::Europe Perl Conference, which we hosted at the end of August 2006. We took it upon ourselves to visit several Perl Monger groups around the UK. It proved extremely popular and several groups asked to come back again, and some Linux user groups asked if we could visit them too. So this year we decided to do exactly that, although we've decided to give ourselves a bit of a challenge.

In 2006 it was purely a networking exercise, to get to know other Perl and Linux users around the country. For 2007, however, we are planning a bigger Perl promotion by performing via a speaking tour, with several members of Birmingham Perl Mongers attending Perl & Linux user groups around the UK, offering to present talks at their technical meetings about different aspects of Perl.

Tour Dates

Dates so far confirmed:

Mon 12 Feb -
Tue 20 Mar - Gloucestershire LUG
Wed 28 Mar -
Mon 2 Apr -
Thu 19 Apr - Birmingham LUG
Wed 25 Apr -
Tue 1 May - Malvern LUG
Wed 23 May -
Tue 6 Jun - Wolverhampton LUG
Wed 20 Jun -
Wed 25 Jul -
Wed 22 Aug -

More dates to be added, with Edinburgh PM/LUG, London PM, Nottingham PM/LUG, Coventry LUG and Cambridge PM still to be scheduled. If there are any other groups that would like us to visit and present a few talks, please get in touch.

Check the Birmingham Perl Mongers website for more details.