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Posted by on 24/05/2007

Sorry to those turned up last night and couldn't find the venue. Unfortunately the pub has changed its name to The Bright House since the last time I walked past it. Even though the references all on the net still refer to Sam Wellers :(

I know Colin and Alan tried to find us, and we did stay until around 8.30pm, but if anyone else gave up and went home, my apologies. However, the pub wasn't really suitable for us, as even though the area they cordoned off is of a suitable size, they had a big screen TV show the match last night and by the time we came to leave (which is when we would have started) it was getting very popular. Asking them to turn it off probably wouldn't have gone down well.

So many apologies for the confusion, next month we're planning well in advance. Expect more news soon.