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YE2006 - Website & Wiki
Posted by on 12/05/2006

Welcome to the sixth bulletin for the 2006 YAPC::Europe Perl Conference.

Conference Website

With much fanfare the Birmingham 2006 Organisers are pleased to announce the launch of the official website for YAPC::Europe::2006.

The site will be updated with newsletters, articles and news over the coming months. We will be featuring both conference related articles as well as things to do in and around Birmingham, for anyone wishing to extend their stay. If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to find more information about, please let us know and we'll update the site as soon as possible.

Conference Wiki

Following on from the above announcement, we are also delighted to launch the official conference wiki, which you can now go and sign up to and add stuff to your hearts content. Well within reason of course :)

To use the wiki, you will need to register. Due to the amount of wiki spam that has plagued other wikis, we have decided to lock down the wiki a little to only allow registered users to have write access. There are a couple of pages only admins can edit, but pretty much everything else you'll have access to.


For the full press release, please see the official site.