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OSCON 2004
Posted by on 05/05/2004
Opening the Future: Discover, Develop, Deliver - 2004 O

Open source has never just been about code. It's been about building communities, about coming together to find ways of working better, faster, cheaper. Are you prepared to step up to the next level, as open source continues to claim computing mindshare? Explore it all at OSCON, from the latest innovations in Perl, PHP, and Python to Linux adoption issues and much more. At OSCON, you'll meet open source leaders, learn useful skills, and engage in conversations with developers, business leaders, and technology strategists.

For those with a SciFi interest, may be intrigued to know that Freeman Dyson is a guest speaker. Freeman Dyson is responsible for the Dyson Sphere featured in many of Larry Niven's books.