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Talks Wanted
Posted by on 17/05/2004

Do you have a talk regarding Perl, Linux, OpenSource or any subject that you think might be of interest? Would you like to come and talk to us about it? If yes, then please email your talk proposal via the link below. Subjects can be about your pet project, your favourite module or thoughts and ideas you might have. Introductory talks to expert talks are always welcome, and if they feature Perl, so much the better. Talks should be between 5 and 60 minutes, although if it's a really special talk then we'll make an exception.

We are particularly keen to invite guest speakers along to meetings, and are a willing test audience for any talks and presentations that you may be planning to present at forthcoming conferences, workshops or seminars, such as the OSCON or YAPC::Europe conferences. We are scheduling talks throughout the year, so please let us know which dates would be best for you.

Submit talk proposals to: talks [at]