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Technical Meeting for Oct 2013
Posted by on 20/10/2013

In preparation for the London Perl Workshop, this month we have a couple of talks that may or may not get submitted. The October Technical Meeting will once again be at The Birmingham Aston Science Park, on Wednesday 23rd October 2013.

The first talk is by JJ, who will be explaining a project he and Colin have been working on. Expect more details about the talk and project before Wednesday. Our second talk is 'The Future of CPAN Testers' by Barbie. The talk will be a glimpse at some of the forthcoming projects to help authors, testers and users get the most out of the CPAN Testers project.

We still have space for another short talk, if anyone would like to present something. Please get in touch with a title and short abstract about the talk (a simple short sentence is fine), and I'll add you to the line-up.

Hope to see you there on Wednesday.

UPDATE: JJ's talk is 'Managing Multiple Git Repositories'