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Speakers Wanted
Posted by on 15/03/2010

Have you got something interesting to say, a new project to promote, or have just learnt a new way of doing things with some cool modules? Birmingham Perl Mongers are looking for willing speakers to come along and present some interesting talks to us.

While our main focus is most definitely Perl, we do feature other languages and technologies from time to time, so please don't be afraid to offer a talk, just because it doesn't feature Perl. However, if it does feature perl so much the better :)

Our technical meetings are slightly different this year, as we're now featuring technical presentations every 2 months (i.e. March, May, July, September, November), with the intervening months covering a hands-on technical workshop where we can hack each others code, teach 1-to-1, or help improve a particular CPAN module.

So if you have a talk you could present, please get in touch and we'll add you to the itinery.