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Venue Change for Tech Meet
Posted by on 23/09/2008

Unfortunately it seems all our regular haunts for technical meetings have all been booked up, as well as a few others that have since come to light. It seems our bookings for The Victoria have been erased since the new managementhave taken over, so I'll have to rebook those for future months.

So, for this month (that's Wednesday 24th September ... tomorrow if you're reading this today!) we are relocating to The Old Joint Stock. I have booked the Club Room, which is on the ground floor to the rear of the building, if you haven't been before. If you arrive early, say you're with Barbie from Birmingham Perl Mongers and are there for the meeting, and you should be fine. The pub serves food, so order when you get there, and we'll plan to start the presentation from about 8pm.

Mike Kemp will be presenting his new security tool, Nanshe, so please come along and take a look. He's also looking for anyone who might like to get involved in the project, so he'll be delighted if anyone would be willing to help him out.

Normal service should resume next month.