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August Technical Meeting - Cancelled
Posted by on 26/08/2008

Unfortunately our technical meeting is again suffering this week, as we still don't have a venue. I'm hoping that The Victoria has a new landlord/landlady next month, so will try and find out whether we can use the upstairs meeting room from September. Due to holidays and YAPC::Europe, I also haven't been prompting anyone to do a talk this month either, so we have nothing prepared. As such the August meeting is being cancelled. Apologies for the late notice.

However, I do have some plans to invite some guest over the coming months, but I'm also keen to get anyone wanting to promote their current project or  willing to show us something cool and unusual with Perl. I'm also looking for anyone willing to have a go at some beginner level talks, in all aspects of Perl, as we do have a few newish recruits these days, and it all helps to encourage those who are only just learning Perl to come along and get something out of night. If you have a talk idea, please get in touch, and we'l see what we can do about getting you on the bill :)