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New Planets Found!
Posted by on 19/06/2008

Okay, they weren't exactly found, and they're not astrological planets either, but they're still new(ish).

First off, Planet Perl, which has actually been around for quite some time. A collection of Perl related blogs, including a few from use.perl, which you can read via the web page, or from an RSS feed. If you have a Perl blog, feel free to email Robert and Ask to be added to Planet Perl.

Following on from Planet Perl, Hex has created an alternative site that aims to be a companion site called Perlsphere. Likewise you can read the blogs via the web page, or through the RSS feed. Hex is also keen to get more people adding their Perl blogs to the feed, so feel free to email him to added to Perlsphere.

Thirdly, we now have a Planet feed specifically for our YAPC conferences from around the world, at Planet YAPC. Run by The Perl Foundation , the planet uses Plagger to search for blog entries from the likes of bloglines, technorati, etc, looking for any mention of the word YAPC. As such if you're planning to attend a YAPC somewhere in the world, get your blog listed on a blog rating site, and you'll find your post hopefully appearing. Once again you can read the web page, or plug the RSS feed into your favourite aggregator.

So if you've been think how you can add to your thirst for Perl knowledge, now you have 3 new sites to read. Enjoy.