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UKUUG 2008 Spring Conference Photos
Posted by on 05/04/2008

The UKUUG Spring Conference is now over. Thanks to all the Perl speakers, including several Birmingham Perl Mongers. Although the conference was aiming to cover a variety of dynamic languages, it seemed only Perl and Python speakers were interested enough to get involved. As it turned out the comparison in many cases of the two main dynamic languages proved very eventful. It also proved that Perl and Python have a heathly interest in developing their own languages keeping an open mind as to what they can learn from the other.

Dave Cross presented a great tutorial session on Monday and 9 other Perl speakers presented shorter talks during the following two days. I personally really enjoyed Mike Whitaker's 'Perl Is' and hope that he is submitting it for the forthcoming YAPCs.

During the three days I took around 1600 photos, which I've distilled down to around 100 per day. In addition I videoed most of the Lightning Talks. See photo links below, and I'll keep you posted when I upload the videos.