This page lists several forthcoming Perl and Linux related events. Most will be attended by at least a few members of the Birmingham Perl Mongers, so keep an eye out for us and say hello.

If you know of, or are organising any events that our members may be interested in attending, please email with details.

Events & Meetings

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26 March 2014 - Technical Meeting
Venue: Birmingham Science Park Aston
Address: Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham, B7 4BB

See our technical meetings pages for further details,


Technical Meetings

The Talks

Colin Newell - Creating a basic CPAN mirror/inject server using the Salt stack

A more sysadmin talk, with a bit of YAML for good measure.

Barbie - Testing Traps and Effects

An introduction to Test::Trap, and the recently written wrapper Test::Effects.

Handling exit, die and other signal terminations in your code can be tricky. In some cases you might want to force an error and see that it fails as you expect. In other cases you may want to run code and ensure no unintended side effects occur. These two test modules help with that and are a handy addition to your test suite.

* = Guest Speaker

Meeting Sponsor


Majestic-12 Ltd specialises in internet search technology. Majestic-12 develop SAAS products based on information gathered from an extensive internet crawl, a crawl which is performed in part by a distributed online community. Majestic-12 are best known for MajesticSEO, a service targeted at inbound marketeers and entrepreneurs offering information derived from the worlds largest internet link map.

For further information regarding Majestic-12, please visit their website.

Other West Midlands Technical Events & Meetings