This page lists several forthcoming Perl and Linux related events. Most will be attended by at least a few members of the Birmingham Perl Mongers, so keep an eye out for us and say hello.

If you know of, or are organising any events that our members may be interested in attending, please email with details.

Events & Meetings

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25 September 2013 - Technical Meeting
Venue: Birmingham Science Park Aston
Address: Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham, B7 4BB

See our technical meetings pages for further details,


Technical Meetings

The Talks

Brian McCauley - Perl Golf

Brian won the Perl Golf competition at YAPC::Europe 2013 in Kiev. In this talk he elborates on the submission, and looks how it could have been improved further.

Barbie - A Beginner's Guide To PSGI

PSGI, Plack and Starman all the flavour of the moment. Several Perl web frameworks have already added support for PSGI, and now Labyrinth has also added Labyrinth::PSGI to its portfolio. This talk gives a brief introduction to PSGI, Plack and Starman, together with a few rough guides to implementing a PSGI application using Labyrinth.

* = Guest Speaker

Other West Midlands Technical Events & Meetings