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The following list of photo pages, are taken from social meetings, conferences and special occasions involving Birmingham Perl Mongers. If you have any photos you'd like to add to the list, please package the original images in either a tarball or zipfile and send them to: Any resizing and thumbnail creation is not required. If you have commentary for any of the photos, please include a plain text file with the details. Thanks.


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2010 September 10th Birthday

Birmingham Perl Mongers is now ten years old. On September 8th 2010, or normal social meeting became a bit of a party. We even had cake thanks to Penny and JJ, which went down so well there nearly wasn't any left to save for Penny to have later. Colin and Peter joined us from too, so we had a good turn out on the night. Here's to the next ten years :)

2009 September Ninth Birthday - 9th Sep 2009

In September 2000, Mike Bissett and Barbie held the very first Social Meeting. Nine years later we're still going, and still a vibrant group of Perl Mongers. On the 9th September, to celebrate our 9th birthday, we had a birthday social at The Dragon Inn on Hurst Street. All the regulars and a few surprise visitors were in attendance, and by all accounts everyone had a good night. Now to plan our 10th birthday!

2008 October 2008 World Tour - - 9th October 2008

A revisit to see the London Perl Mongers as part of the World tour. This time around it was one of their technical meetings. Some great presentations from Tara, Leo, Léon, Dave and Ovid.

2008 October Social - 8th Oct 2008

With a view to checkout The New Inn as a potential Christmas Social venue, we headed over to Harborne for this month's social meeting. A great pub, with a friendly quiet atmosphere. LUGRadio presenter, Chris Proctor joined us for the evening, and helped to swell the numbers for the night. Met with everyone's approval so we've now booked it for the Christmas Social :)

2008 August 2008 World Tour - - 7th August 2008

Although part of the World tour, it was also's 10th Annivesary meeting. JJ and I went along to pass on's best wishes :)

2008 September Technical - 24th Sept 2008

For the September technical meeting, Mike Kemp came along and introduced us to his new Open Source project called Nanshe.

2008 September Social - 10th Sept 2008 celebrates their 8th birthday. JJ brought a card :)

2008 September 2008 World Tour - - 8th Sept 2008

Another visit to Milton Keynes as part of our World Tour. This time around it was a technical meeting, where featuring Dave Cross, Robbie Bow, Barbie and Tom Hukins.

2008 April 2008 World Tour - Gloucester LUG - 15th Apr 2008

This time around Simon join us on the tour, presenting his iPhone/MMS talk, together with Barbie presenting a Testing with Perl talk and JJ explaining a couple of solutions from the Microsoft Scripting Games.

2008 April 2008 World Tour - Wolves LUG - 23rd Apr 2008

Once again we visited our friends over in Wolverhampton, with JJ presenting his Microsoft Scripting Games talk, and Barbie presenting Understanding Malware. The Scripting Games talk went down well, with Aq writing a Python version of the voting game. Adam really enjoyed the Malware talk, an felt he had to apologise for all the interruptions, much to the amusement of everyone else :) A good night.

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