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The following list of photo pages, are taken from social meetings, conferences and special occasions involving Birmingham Perl Mongers. If you have any photos you'd like to add to the list, please package the original images in either a tarball or zipfile and send them to: Any resizing and thumbnail creation is not required. If you have commentary for any of the photos, please include a plain text file with the details. Thanks.


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2007 August Vienna

As the conference was originally due to finish to today, some of us had booked flights and hotel accordingly. It therefore meant we all had a day to do some sightseeing, these are my adventures.

2007 August in Vienna (Andrew's Photos)

Andrew's version of the dinner, with his cool home-made infrared camera (ask him about it next time you see him).

2007 August in Vienna (Barbie's Photos)

Seeing as much of the core members of stayed over for the extra day, we arranged to meetup for my dinner in the evening. Unfortunately Steve and Lynsey got back late, as they had decided to see the Alps, so missed the chance to dine in piano accompianment.

2007 August YAPC::Europe 2007 - Day Three

Lightning talks happened in the morning, and as I was videoing them and had no other camera, didn't get a chance to take any photos of the presenters. Thankfully JJ did. After the main set of talks, came time for the auction. The "Live Nude Wrestling" made a reappearance following a similar event in Munich (there is definitely something about this part of the world!). The evening saw many of us head for a recommended restaurant/bar, which served an enormous rack of ribs for roughtly £10!

2007 August YAPC::Europe 2007 - Day Two

Day two featured a full day of talks, although the most amusing moment came when MJD midway through his last presentation of the day jumped up to highlight a section of the slide, not realising what he was standing on controlled the moveable board that lowered from the ceiling! The evening featured the Conference Dinner and was a very filling meal And there was cake! I found the person who was looking for me for the conference quiz, although I never did get to find the guy I was looking for. Some played games, including old faithful, Fluxx. However, most decided on an early night.

2007 August YAPC::Europe 2007 - CPAN Testers BOF

I had planned to be involved with several BOFs, but as it turned out this was the biggest one I was involved with. I couldn't not take the chance to photograph Andreas, Chris and Dave too, as the CPAN Test leaders. Daxim also joined us, and later on David Landgren and others also came along, but I forgot to photograph them :(

2007 August YAPC::Europe 2007 - Day One

This year I did take as many photographs as I usually do, part of this would seem to be the problems I had trying to get the camera to focus. The main room proved rather difficult and I've delete many of the photos I did take :( However, I think I think I took enough to give you a flavour of the fun we had :)

2007 August YAPC::Europe 2007 - Pre-Conference Meetup

Andrew Ford, Phil Ironside, JJ and myself all flew from Birmingham International Airport on Monday morning. After all day travelling, we finally made the pre-conference meetup at The Centimeter III. A few of us ordered "The Sword", drank beer (they served Guinness too), talked and got our conference bags :)

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