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Birmingham Perl Mongers World Tour 2006
Posted by Barbie on 14th August 2006

Over the last 7 months, Birmingham Perl Mongers have ventured through 3 countries, around the British Isles. We would have attempted all 4 countries had their been a Perl Mongers group in Wales. We managed to attend social and technical meetings for 6 groups and had a great time at all of them. We may try the tour again next year and see whether we can get to a few more groups.

Many thanks to all the groups who welcomed and entertained us, and we hope we enthused you enough to join us at the forthcoming YAPC::Europe conference. Some of the photos are now online and the rest will be shortly. Click the links below to see the full gory details :)

Birmingham Perl Mongers
2006 World Tour
of UK Perl Monger user groups

Thu 2 Mar - London
Wed 15 Mar - Belfast
Wed 5 Apr - Nottingham
Wed 12 Apr - Edinburgh
Wed 17 May - Devon & Cornwall
Tue 25 July - Milton Keynes
Thu 3 Aug - London

26-28 Jun - YAPC::NA::2006 - Chicago, USA
22-23 Jul - LugRadio Live 2006 - Wolverhampton, UK
30 Aug-1 Sep - YAPC::Europe::2006 - Birmingham, UK

Links will be updated as I get photos online.

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